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Who is The Wedding Witch®?

The Wedding Witch was founded by Kate Cataldo, owner and creative director of Katelyn Cataldo Collections LLC in 2022 when she noticed an energetic shift happening not only in her business, but in the wedding industry as a whole. Kate is an entrepreneurial creative, on a mission to rewrite the script and raise the bar when it comes to weddings and marriage.
She may not yet be married herself, but as a child of multiple divorces and traumas - she believes that even in this ugly world, love still prevails.

More About Kate

Focused on spirit, healing & wellness - and making marriages magical AF.

Our mission is to cultivate dream weddings through deeper, stronger connections.

What is The Wedding Witch's® mission?

Inspired by her spiritual craft and magic, Kate uses her intuition, divine guidance, and industry experience to educate couples and their families, encourage them to use the plans, resources and tools provided, and inspire them to take action.

Her mission with The Wedding Witch is to not only cultivate dream weddings through deeper and stronger connections, but to also illustrate that the energetic shift in the wedding industry is vital and necessary, and emphasizes that not every magical wedding ends in a magical marriage.

To make your marriage magic long-lasting and persevere through life's curveballs takes a lot of self-love, compassion, empathy, and personal development.

Using her eight years experience owning, directing, photographing, and designing for weddings - Kate hopes she can bring meaning and magic back into every single marriage, and teach you how to keep it there.

Weddings are about the union of two people undoubtedly in love. The process from engagement to "I do," should be about their bond to one another, as well as their connection to the Universe.

Kate uses various methods like force of will, rituals & spells, smudging, divination, reiki, mediumship, and holistic nutritional cleansing to lead couples into forming strong foundations, long-lasting legacies, and a healthy and healed mind, body, spirit, and home.

A marriage continues long after the wedding day. Kate is here to provide everything you need to succeed in the next chapters of your life.

gone are the days where we adhere to outdated wedding rules and traditions.

We are making our own traditions now. And, you make the rules on your wedding day.

Let's make some noise and start a revolution.

Where did The Wedding Witch® come from?

One evening, as Kate was reflecting on the 2021 wedding season, she was compelled to facilitate an offering that was beyond her own consciousness. This idea had come from something higher - more divine.

Her ability of automatic writing had surfaced as branding, design and story for a collection she had never once imagined until that very moment.

Inspired and filled with refreshed focus and determination, she instantly built out an entire website with designed content in a matter of hours - which is very rare - even for a seasoned creative professional.

It was clear to Kate that this collection would provide alignment and even-flowing purpose to her life. Kates creative career began after graduating from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in March of 2014. Her spiritual journey began shortly after that beginning with the universal healing power of Reiki.

She was educated and attuned, taking the first step into unlocking all the universes gifts. From there, her eclectic craft has bloomed and blossomed into something uniquely hers. She has also harnessed her psychic, claircognizant, and empathetic abilities while also still learning and mastering her mediumship and magic.

Where is The Wedding Witch® Going?

Since the evening The Wedding Witch® was born, she has been organizing and creating content for this revolutionary, and visionary collection.

For now, The Wedding Witch lives here on - based out of Pennsylvania, but traveling anywhere in the world for love stories. We are also on Instagram and Facebook as @thewedwitch - please give us a follow!

Soon, The Wedding Witch will have its very own home -

Until then, you can complete the form below to inquire The Wedding Witch's services, or you can add them to any other collection investment.

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When do I hire The Wedding Witch®?

Are you getting married, have a date set, and found a venue?!

Then, you absolutely should be working with us!

But, we are also available for proposals, engagement parties, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, and more!

We will help you begin your creative process by solidifying your wedding style, creating your unique wedding brand, discuss photography and stationery design, as well as all those other amazing elements that go into making your day perfectly yours.

We would be honored to help cultivate not only your dream wedding, but continue on your journey with you as your story unfolds and your legacy begins.

Deep spiritual work and personal development is always an on-going adventure. Maintenance is key when it comes to long-term healing, wellness, and overall happiness. Continue using our programs, resources, tools, and education long after your wedding day to maintain whole, balanced, and aligned.

We will be there for you through it all.

How do I hire The Wedding Witch?

It's simple!

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Kate will personally reach out to confirm availability and wedding details!

She finds it extremely important to ensure she is the perfect fit for her clients, so please complete all the questions to the fullest, and don't leave a single thing out!

She will be able to get to know more about you, your fiancé, and your wedding so that when it's time for your Welcome Call - she can streamline communication, make sure you all vibe, and get all your questions answered!

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