• Kate Cataldo

Three Reasons to Elope Now and Party Later

2020 has been a wild ride, y'all.

But, love is NOT cancelled.

For my beautiful couple, JJ and Jessica, September 8th just wasn't any random Tuesday to get eloped. They had a few reasons for getting hitched, but one of them being that they were celebrating their second anniversary that day. A small detail that makes the day even more special.

Jessica is a Pittsburgh gal, and JJ is actually from Scotland. They met down in Pittsburgh's south side on a night out with friends - the rest is history.

The two fell in love and were originally planning an early 2021 wedding. With everything going on they decided to elope now and party later.

So, here are a couple reasons to elope:

It's Intimate

Elopements are all about the intimacy. It's really just you, your significant other and some optional witnesses or photographers. It's a day thats truly all about you. The emotions can sometimes be stronger, and the day is completely stress-free.

You can go anywhere for photos

Want to go to the top of a mountain, or a flower field? Yep, you can have any backdrop you want when eloping. Whatever your style is, you can make it fit your needs. No searching for the perfect venue or worrying about it it will look good for portraits.

It's all about the Love

In a big event, the real reason it's all happening sometimes gets lost. With eloping, there's no escaping it. It's ALL about the love.

Check out a sneak peak of JJ and Jessica's perfect Pittsburgh elopement:

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