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Love Captured Series : Why Pictures Are Important

Time is always flying, don't you wish you can just capture each and every moment to remember forever?

We may not be able to capture every single moment, but there are some moments in time that are just meant to be documented.

My returning client Amber married the love of her life last August, and I was lucky enough to have the honor of capturing their wedding day. Last week, I was meeting up with her again to capture some moments with her three-month old little girl. It was the perfect Mommy & Me session, and it got me thinking about all the reasons why photos are so important and cherished by us humans.

It's true - photographs play an important role in our lives. But, why?

First, they connect us to our past.

Pictures remind us of people, places, and things that we've connected with.

They remind us how we felt in that moment, and tell the stories of our lives.

Second, they tell us what is important to us - in Amber's case, it's her little miss Zola.

They say a house it not a home until our memories are hanging on the walls.

Those memories tell us who we are and what we hold dear to our hearts.

Memories can't be replaced, and the will to save those memories is strong.

Third, one simple photograph can speak a thousand words.

It's amazing that you can look at one single moment captured in time and be able to say so many things about it.

I look at the image of Amber and Zola above and I see a beautiful, young momma, with her precious babe, but I also see much more than that.

I see a mother overjoyed by the company of her offspring. I see a child, completely in awe of her mother. You feel the happiness and the joy in that moment - and so much more.

At the end of the day - pictures make you feel good.

I know it sounds silly, but it's true.

Pictures make you remember the good, the bad, and the ugly and the beautiful.

They make you cherish the good moments and appreciate those all of those memories. They make you remember how far you've come and all the places you've been.

They tell your story.

They are your legacy.

Photographs are what we leave behind to tell the tale of our lives.

Entrust us to capture the love in your life.

Love Captured Series by Katelyn Cataldo Collections. Check out our page for more information about our Holiday Mini Session Event coming up on Sunday the 27th!

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