About Us

Scroll down to learn more about the creative professionals behind all the magic created with Katelyn Cataldo Collections!

About Us

Scroll down to learn more about the creative professionals behind all the magic created with Katelyn Cataldo Collections!

The Mystic behind all the magic

Meet Kate

Owner & Creative Director of Katelyn Cataldo Collections, living between the Pennsylvania cities of Warren and Pittsburgh - designing & documenting stories everywhere in between. After graduating with honors from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 2014 with a Bachelor's in Graphic Design, Kate began her career with a local design studio working with industry-leading companies. In 2015, she was hired to manage a local photography studio part-time, which is where her journey truly begins...

A message from Kate:

"The only important things in life are the people, moments & emotions that we want to hold on to..."

In 2017, I resigned from my full time design position, and established my business envisioning more than just a simple wedding photography service. My mission is to provide a wholesome collection of offerings to help streamline the creative needs of couples, and document their stories. By combining my love of photography, design, spirituality, and wellness - I am dedicated to executing a completely exclusive experience to our clients that they'll remember forever.

We want this experience to transcend and transform the way we think about traditional weddings. Focusing on love, legacy, values, and connections - we strive to encourage the deepest bonds, manifest the most magical of marriages, and help build the strongest of foundations for happy and healthy lives. Your legacy starts with your love and your unique story. So, let's get creative and brainstorm the most perfect way to tell your story, so that you can relive it time and time again.

Fun Facts about Kate

01. Favorite animal:

I love all animals, but dolphins and Great Danes steal my heart.

02. Favorite color:

Easy! I go crazy for anything pink - any shade, tint, or tone.

03. Favorite food:

French fries. Well, anything potato really...I'll take it!

04. Hobbies:

With the little free time left with running a business, if I am not working on projects I can usually be found spending time with family, grounding myself in nature, or practicing my spiritual crafts.

05. Inspirations:

I have been inspired lately by nature, whether its colors, textures, patterns or florals, my creations are taking on a more natural and earthy tone, giving my work warmth and charm its never had.

06. Goals:

I am working towards elevating my business and incorporating my spiritual practice and passions into my creative work. Soon, we will be launching our apothecary and branching into a whole new realm!

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Paige & Brandon

"From the moment we got our sneak peeks we've been anxiously awaiting for our final gallery because they were already amazing. Kate was so easy to work with and so quick to respond throughout our entire wedding planning process. We are in love with all of our pictures and received so many pictures back which allowed us to relive the day all over again! We can't thank her enough!"

Married on April 23, 2022
Review published on Google, The Knot, Wedding Wire, and Facebook

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You asked, Kate answered...

Read the answers to our most frequently asked questions below...

Frequently asked questions

What is your creative approach when photographing a wedding or portrait session?

Over the years, I have grown to learn, create, and inspire a vast library of emotive cues and poses to direct my couples during the documentation/portrait process.

However, some of our favorite images were born AFTER we told our clients that we were done shooting.

This is when all the genuine and real interactions happen, so we keep our cameras ready for those lovely moments.

Our approach is definitely more fly-on-the-wall, photojournalistic photography focusing on the setting, details, and story line.

Our professional talent, and expertise is best utilized by allowing us to tell your love story organically and capture your moments as they unfold rather than focusing on the traditional, over-posed, forced images.

Even though we have an organic approach to our documentation style, we understand the importance of planning and coordinating in order to cultivate a comfortable, warming energy and stress-free atmosphere to help make each segment unfold naturally.

Why do you photograph weddings?

Simply put, when I work with a couple and photograph their wedding, I instantly feel at home and in my element - this inner peace gives me the confidence to keep going.

Wedding photography wasn't really on my radar when I was starting my graphic design career in 2014. When I started managing a photography studio part-time at the end of 2015, the owner saw something in me that I had not yet seen in myself. Eventually, she had a camera in my hands, and was mentoring me as I learned the new medium.

Things just instantly clicked, and I haven't looked back. Through the good, the bad and all the sweat and tears, I persevere because this is what I love to do, and can't imagine doing anything else. These moments are too important and too precious to just let slip by, and I am honored by every single couple who trusts me with these irreplaceable memories.

What is your favorite part of a wedding day?

This is hard!

I honestly love taking the time to photograph all the close-ups and details of all the elements that are unique to you and your wedding day - like the gown, shoes, florals, invitations, rings, the venue, decor, etc...

BUT, if I have to pick one part that is my absolute favorite - it would be the toasts and speeches at the reception.


Because by the time we get to the wedding day, I spend so much time getting to know the couple, but the stories told during the toasts give me an inside look on who the bride and groom really are, the journeys they have been on, the trials they've overcome, and how much they are truly loved.

I'm usually in the corner, tearing up, and hiding my emotions behind my camera - in complete and total awe that I am so incredibly lucky to be a witness to so much love, endearment, and commitment. I absolutely LOVE hearing and documenting these stories, and capturing all the laughs, tears, and authentic reactions that go along with them.

How many weddings have you photographed?

After a quick, rough count - I believe we have had the privilege of photographing around 76 weddings so far since 2016.
We limit ourselves to about 10-20 weddings per year on average, and then fill our calendar with smaller photography and design projects.

What is your planning process like?

After the Welcome Call, I begin right away by scheduling out workflows and deadlines to ensure there is ample time to complete all deliverables with each project in a timely manner.

You can say the first step is the Vision and Style Planning Consultation!

This is where we will meet via video chat, and dive a little deeper into all the details and specifics that make your day unique to you. I have you let me in on your wedding vision, and help you brainstorm ideas and inspiration to help bring your dreams to life! I will ask many silly icebreaker questions to get to know you some more, and learn more about your individual personalities, and who you are as a couple too. After that, we will talk in depth about your wedding vision's colors, textures, themes, florals, and more to establish your personal wedding style, and your 5 unique wedding vision words - to keep true to your dream wedding day, and also keep everyone on track as well!

From there - we will discuss other deadlines and the next steps in our workflow.

Most importantly, we have all couples complete a Wedding Photography Questionnaire - to gather all the necessary details that we would possibly need in order to document your day just the way you want it. Once we receive your answers, we will draft a Wedding Day Overview which includes a wedding day brief, a photography plan, and a master shot list.

This ensures a natural, stress-free flow to your wedding day, giving you the confidence to relax knowing all your precious moments are being captured just the way you envisioned. The master shot list allows us to check off each shot so that we know we have photographed everything important to you.

Sometimes, things don't go according to plan. We always do our best, and pour our heart and soul into our clients, but there are times when adjustments have to be made on the fly. We will use our utmost professional expertise in order to provide you with acceptable options, and make sure you are a part of the decision making process every step of the way.

What equipment do you use?

I photograph our events and sessions using Canon gear - two full frame camera bodies, one a mirrorless R6, and my back-up is currently still my trusty 6D DSLR.

I use a variety of professional-grade lenses, depending on the venue setting, type of ceremony, and lighting situations - but primarily utilize my 85mm, 50mm, 70-200mm, and the 15-35mm.

We typically favor natural lighting, but have both flash and other lighting equipment to properly illuminate an image in any situation.

What kind of design experience do you have?

Design is my first, true love - to be honest!

I graduated in March of 2014 from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design.

I graduated with honors, beginning my working experience during classes, Design Studio I & Design Studio II, where in order to be considered, one had to require recommendations from professors and accepted into the program. I finished as Art Director of our graduating class, and was responsible for leading the studio designers, keeping us on track and organized, and was a part of each project to ensure its completion and that the clients were satisfied.

I have a background in many different types of design projects from logo design and corporate identity and branding, to illustrative work, and advertising. I also get frequently feel motivated by and enjoy creating fine art works whenever I find time and inspiration.

Two weeks after graduation, I began my first full time position of my design career with a local design studio where we had an exclusive partnership with Shutterfly Inc., and what once was Tiny Prints and Wedding Paper Divas - designing stationery, cards, invitations and more for their online marketplace. This is where my love for wedding stationery, signage, and calligraphy began!

I resigned from this position in 2017 when I launched Katelyn Cataldo Collections.

Based out of the cities of Pittsburgh & Warren, PA

and serving everywhere and anywhere in-between and beyond.

We will travel anywhere in the world with you to document your perfect moments.


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